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The proliferation of street art in South Acton is due to a number of factors.  Significant is the relationship Acton Arts Forum has as a creative bridging organisation, forming a link between the local authority and street artists.  Identifying a suitable wall, artists respond to the physical location and community, design site specific art, which we then present to the local authority for approval.  Council officers have been incredibly positive and open to the project, with some 20 pieces of street art across the neighbourhood to date.


ATM has contributed significantly to putting Acton on the street art map with his evocative ‘Big Bird’ pieces referencing native species and conservation issues.  Stiks ‘Big Mother’ reflects on the demise of social housing and the impact of gentrification on the community. Both of these artists reflect the concerns of local people in an area of urban and social transformation.

Rachel Pepper, Director, Acton Arts Forum

2016 Updates 

Public Street Art is one of the important and reoccurring themes we have been exploring as an organisation, even from the very beginning, when Artification was a part of Acton Community Forum. After the success of Stik’s Big Mama which gained him international fame, we are back and planning to commission another piece of street art in South Acton. The designs proposed are currently being voted on by the members and residents of the South Acton Board committee. The piece will be on the side of Barwick House and will be created either by Thierry Noir or Roa.

We are also in the planning stages of commissioning another street art piece on Alfred Road, after the committee members at Acton Town Board expressed an interest after previously seeing work we have done in the past.  

Theirry Noir     Roa









Public Street Art



Birds by ATM. The paintings improve the surroundings of housing estates and give people something to appreciate on city walls, the main idea is to remind people about birds, their beauty, significance and what conditions they need to flourish; hopefully to inspire people to do more to help them and nature.






Zabou is a young French street artist illustrator and graphic designer working and living in London. After a Bachelor's Degree in Visual Arts, Zabou moved to London to complete a Master's Degree at the University of the Arts. In 2012, she started painting street murals inspired by the already existing cultural and artistic movement in East London. She mostly works with large stencils; drawn free hand, which are based on her own illustrations. The artworks often include characters or animals in black and white, with colourful additions of dripping paint and splashes. The subjects range from challenging political issues to reinterpreting vintage adverts in a cheeky way.



Chris Bogle lived in Acton Vale. He created a great deal of street art in Acton (South Acton and the Vale). Chris lived for his painting, creating murals and graffiti. He sadly died in 2007 at a very young age but left a positive legacy. 






Street artist Teddy Baden is not simply driven by a fascination with dogs. Literally viewing them as 'Hairy Aliens, living amongst us' his artwork is a celebration of an incredible relationship, of human society's historic and endearing subsumption of another species. This piece was done in collaboration with the 'Dogs Trust' charity, which are celebrating the 35th anniversary of their slogan 'A Dog is for Life, not just for Christmas' this year.





Street artist from Gijon, Spain. ‘The things that most inspire me are those I see during the day, and most of all those that come up to my mind in that strange moment between dream and wakefulness in which you think/dream the most weird and funny stuff.’       http://www.sr-x.com






Youth art created by Adanma aged 16, at the South Acton Beach Party 2013. Other young people created art on the day as one of the event workshops.





The Treatment Rooms CollectiveTreatment rooms collective

One of the UK's leading eccentric anarchic artists Carrie Reichardt along with a multi talented group of artist friends, collaborators and creative associates. 






Leonard Lesic, born in 1983 is a Croatian painter and street artist. He worked as a graphic designer and video editor. In 2012 he decided to quit his job and turn his passion to art. His work depitcts postitive  styles and messages, with a childish spirit, endless energy and very intimate experience of the world. 






The theme in Jay Mac’s art is 'Vibrant Culture in Acton' which involve people who have participated in various festivities that have been held in Acton. Acton Carnival is a prime example of this and expresses Acton's diverse community. It is a joyous festival involving costumes, Chinese dancers, folk singers, musicians and dance performers. “The current regeneration of South Acton has enabled various opportunities for many of the residents in Acton to be involved in various activities, as an artist, creative thinker and resident of South Acton I hope to be given the opportunity to contribute artistically to the area with a view to inspiring others”.

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