Who We Are

Artification (formerly known as Acton Arts Forum) was established in 2003 in recognition of the important role that the arts play in community development especially in such a diverse area as West London. We bring people together creating opportunities for artists, performers, arts and cultural organisations to express their creativity, work in partnership and generate a sense of community pride through our projects.

Having discussed and proposed our new name ARTification at the Acton Arts Forum Special General Meeting in July 2016, and submitted our application to the Charity Commission, the new name has now been approved. We are currently undergoing a complete makeover and rebranding the entire organisation, starting with our logo, website, social media as well as remembering to call ourselves ARTification! 

The word ARTification is an active & dynamic word evoking how people do or make works of art. ARTification is simultaneously symbolic, material and contextual. It is to do with meanings, objects, interaction, and institutions. ARTification is also a play on the word gentrification.  This has enabled some of our creative opportunities including the proliferation of street art based on our key role as a bridge between the public & artists, and the local authority & developers. The W3 gallery is another illustration of this position, in that as a Charity, we work with local Businesses & the Council, helping to enliven High Streets with a cultural hub. 

Upcoming Events

You are warmly invited to come along to the ARTification Annual General Meeting and State of the Arts Conference III, this Saturday 29th October, at 5pm, at the Everyone Active Acton Centre (Acton High St, London W3 6NE).

Artification Annual General Meeting Poster updated

What's On

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